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Welcome to our blog Naija Supply. This blog is concerned about the promotion of Music. Categories to be discussed on this blog includes:

1. Music: This section will be used exclusively for the promotion of music.

2. YouTube Channel: This segment will be linked directly to our YouTube channel where you can watch interesting videos.

3. Interview: There are alot of things that you don’t know about celebrities and that is what this section will be taking care of.

4. Poetry: Alot of things are being spoken of in the aspect of poetry but this section isn’t given alot of recognition in most sites but here your wonderful piece of poetry will be showcased to the world.

5. News and Events: A lot of things happen in the Music Industry and most of us don’t know about these happenings, a lot of life changing event happens day in and day out and painfully most of these things happen close to you but you aren’t aware but, you won’t miss any important news or an upcoming event because we got you covered in that aspect.

6. Articles: What do you feel or think? What is it you want to express? You got lot of things running in your mind you can write them in article format and we spread it to the world. To submit your article, write your article, create a photo relating to the article and send to our whatsapp contact 08035834786 and await our confirmation.

Get set for the journey is just getting started you can’t afford to be left out come one, come all, let’s get global.