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Many Artists, individuals, firms etc have a desire to make Music or Product popular and easily accessible by internet users so the need for placing advert banners and link come into place.

Adverts are placed here on our sidebar to enable Artists, Record Levels, Managers, Individual Firm and companies showcase their Music, articles and products to our blog readers without causing any issues for them. Adverts are categorized under:


Banners are placed on our sidebars and footer (any format; JPEG or png) at a cheap rate to enable you to show your products to our readers, it’s attractive and most of the readers will see and most likely clink on it if your products are relevant to them.

Music bands can also place relevant adverts on my blog to enable readers to link to their music site with just a clink and might probably download it depending on the usefulness of your song or video.
Banners are of various sizes.

Product Post

Promotional services, companies and product based websites can write a well detailed article on their product with all the internal links directing to their site/product and relevant pictures (also possible
videos) placed in the post to enable our readers to get a better understanding of your product.


Advertisement can also be placed here in form of text and keywords linking to your products and websites. It’s a good choice for you if you have a website or blog which you want my blog readers to see.

Music Promotion

As an Artist, Manager or Record lebel we all know that the Entertainment Industry is being more competitive everyday and more hard work is required even if you are doing good music.

We have decided to offer the best Music/Video promotion you can ever get else where. This includes;

Note: Your music must be on our blog before you can get any other package.

To place any of the above-listed advert space please contact us on:
Email: naijasupply0@gmail.com or whatsapp +2348035834786