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Facts With Kulqee: How To Maximize The Social Media As An Entertainer

It is an inarguable fact that many entertainers have turned out to be stars just by their maximum use of the social media. Terri of recent, got a recording deal with Wizkid’s Starboy Entertainment through Instagram, Mark Angel and his comedy crew are stars today simply by making good use of YouTube, only to name but a few. Thus, one will be making a huge mistake by not paying good attention and acquiring the necessary skills in turning our talents to a source of income through the social media. In fact, let us go deeper; it takes the media to make a talented person a Star. Be it, social media, radio, TV, newspaper, etc, the media is what made a plantain seller like Nigerians’ Timaya a Star.
Therefore, we just cannot ignore the media. The social media is the new wave, by that I mean the trending media. How many of us here listen to the radio or watch TV on a daily basis? How many of us here pick up a newspaper or even on a daily basis? I bet a very few numbers of us. However, we log in to any social media network on a daily basis, right? Now that is the point. The social media is the new secret. The social media is actually, where most stars made right now.
Now, I believe we have seen reasons to maximize the social media, straight to the big question, How! How do we maximize the social media to sell and market our brands’ entertainers? Please note, though there are general secrets, every social media has its own unique way of promoting one’s content. We might not have enough time to treat all the social media platforms individually but we will definitely attempt to do that. Please also note when we say social media, we mean, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, snap chat, periscope, Google Plus, YouTube, etc. Thus we take the general ethics and then entertain questions to throw more lights on these individual platforms.
Here are a few things you need in order to maximize the social media in pushing your contents;
Well you never can tell the media that’s gonna blow you up. Each social media is an ecosystem. What thrills the dudes on twitter is different from what makes waves on Instagram: For example, when you check what is trending on Twitter, it could be so different from the hashtags trending on Instagram. That simply tells you the market in each social media is unique as well as their demands. This is why most brands like Xploit Comedy celebrates hundreds of thousands of views on but literally struggles with ten thousand views on YouTub even with the same materials. That simply means, you need all social media networks as you don’t know the one that’ll totally accept your content.
By now, most of us are already tired of this point as we have heard it several times. However, I will give a different explanation to buttress this point. In my previous article I made mention that, our faces and names are the most important thing we selling. Therefore if you noticed my username on Instagram is, madman. Will you be glad or disappointed to go check me up twitter only to find out there is no one like madman I bet it will take you time to discover I’m actually crazy person Twitter. This might end up making you lose a lot of visibility and followers. So you need consistency in usernames. It helps fans locate you easily. You equally need consistency in your profile picture. You cannot be looking like a pastor on Twitter and be looking like a teacher on Instagram. Those accounts are to market your brand. Having same profile pictures all across your social media platforms is nevertheless needful to ensure your face properly sticks to the eyes of your audience. If you do have multiple social media profiles, make sure that they all linked to each other. Chances are, your fans are also on these social networking sites and want to follow you! Having links to other social media profiles readily available takes the guesswork out of searching for you, and makes it easy for your fans to keep up with you all across the board. Many social networking sites will allow you to share widgets or hyperlinks to your other sites. You can also create tabs or “apps” to these pages on your Facebook, so that your Facebook fans can view and interact with your other social profiles without actually leaving Facebook. How cool is that?
Do not underestimate the power of Visuals and ensure you choose quality over quantity. The eyes records whatever image it sees while focusing. Taking a glance will not help. Thus you need to ensure your posts are entertaining, original and of quality. Create and only share Positive & Optimistic Content. Though it is advisable to post daily, it will be far more better not to post than to post trash. Next point, schedule your contents. Know the favouring time to post and when you will receive more reactions. This is termed Social Media Maturity; knowing what to post and when to post it.
Learn to listen. Ensure your posts gives room for comments. Preferably, ask questions more often. The more comments and views you receive on a post the higher your chances of trending. Leveraging user-generated content is equally important. Throw up a give away or contests occasionally. No matter how small, ensure you give your audiences a chance to participate.
You will only be regarded a professional if you are using the Business Accounts on Instagram, Whatsapp Business, Facebook page, Linkedin premium etc. The features in the profiles of these accounts give you an edge and set you above the crowd in the social media ecosystem.
The entertainment industry as earlier pointed out in previous article is built on a blockchain called relationship. The social media is another route for proper rapport with the influencers in your field. Ensure you follow them and turn on their post notifications. The first 10 persons to comment or like their posts are always easy to capture their interests, as they will properly online waiting for reactions. Tagging them on posts a times doesn’t work as it depicts desperation and it’s provoking. However, being the first to make meaningful and reasonable reactions on their posts captures their attention. Please Note; desist from spamming their comment section with your links or pleading with them to check up your materials. Ensure the comments you make are totally in relation to their posts.
Please note that your social media handles are for your brand and everyone one connected to it. Do not make it all about yourself. Do well to amuse your fans, share some materials of your colleagues and even your fans. Give your fans that reason to see and take you as family.
Written by Onyema Courage
Instagram: @iam_kulqee | Twitter: @iam_kulqee

Posted by on April 27, 2018.

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