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Some random Nigerians narrates their encounter with such people on Instagram, here are their reports and proof

“Hello friends, the need to make money is seriously on the rise illegally. I got a new request on my Instagram page. But usually, I dont accept request from strangers, except on exceptional cases. However, I accepted and this lady was saying something about “Flip Cash”. Do you know the most crazy thing? She says I can invest 20k and get 60k. And the rest..
See the screen shots. As a computer guru, I started my research since she diplomatically refused to identify if the company she claimed she’s working with is registered. I got alot of information that points to some facts… Its Scam! “



Another made his reports on the same issue

” I Had an encounter with them too, in fact in my case the purported CEO was chatting with me the pictures on his profile were convincing, I saw a picture he took with Don jazzy, the inscription was thanks for flipping.

I just knew it was fake, I soon unraveled the mans real account, and I was able to compare both pictures.

I sent them to the fake CEO and blocked the goat.”



I made so research on this and saw this link also just like the first person complained :


Please watch out for such people and alert your friends.

Posted by on November 15, 2018.

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